Sanjary Public School® follows CBSE Curriculum for Class I – V.
Sanjary Public School ® Promote 21st Century Skills of communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Collaboration including focus on Cognitive, Social and Emotional life skills and Personality Development of our children. The growth stages of some broad areas children will be monitored by Sanjary Public School® regularly in Education Development, Personality & Social Development and continual improvement and also measuring academic ranking of children’s.

Academic Subjects :

  • Mathematics
  • EVS
  • GK
  • Computer Studies


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Telugu

Primary education Class I – V  with our own Published  Books ( CBSE )  including worksheets , Revision Papers & Question Papers etc.

School will be provided the hard copy to students which include the following :

  1. Worksheets – daily / weekly basis  – Three Terms –  ( Hard Copy to each students)
  2. Revision Papers FA1, FA2 ,FA3 & SA1 , SA2 ,SA3  – three terms / term wise  – ( Hard Copy to each students)
  3. Project base activates regularly

There will be a continuous Assessment Process for  Class I  –  V. This will includes :

  1. Written Test
  2. Note Book Submission
  3. Internal Assessment
  4. A Formal Three Terms Formalities Assessment ( Exam ) – FA1 , FA2, FA3  
  5. A Formal Three Terms Examinations Summative Assessment SA1, SA2 & SA3   (at each terms )

Here, you learn how to live.

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